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Piping Engineering

Fortune Enterprises, provides piping design and engineering services to engineering contractors and customers for a variety of refinery, offshore, petrochemical, process, water, and industrial projects with efficient piping design services solutions that meet international codes and standards. Our specialist skills help organizations from around the world to optimize the space consumption, especially for skid design packages installed in tight enclosures.

As a process piping engineering design company, we have a proven track record of completing projects in stipulated time-frame that offered tremendous cost benefits. So whether your requirement is for pipe spool design, process piping design or developing a complex process plant, we provide an unmatched practical and technical acumen to make your project a success.

Piping 2D/3D modeling

Performing piping studies

Piping stress analysis

Preliminary piping layout, including nozzle orientation

Preparation of preliminary & detailed GADs, BOMs/MTOs, etc.

Preparation of equipment datasheets

Piping design and drafting services help with the development of design and standard drawings

Expansion of piping material specifications (PMS)

Construction of line list according to P&ID

Preparation of isometrics

Final GADs/BOM

IFC isometrics  

Codes/ standards we work with

ASME B31.1

ASME 31.3